During this past year, we have been learning about our strengths and identifying areas for development and improvement by collaborating across the Medical Sciences Campus.  The Center for Research Compliance & Development (CRECED) was approved in January 2015 by the Administrative Board (Certification 167) and has recently submitted the one-year report outlining the progress accomplished and future strategies to continue the growth of this center and its efficiency to promote and support research across the MSC. Our outstanding team is a result of a reorganization of several offices and units within the MSC such as human resources, financial offices, research units, and research regulatory bodies, under one center, to maximize communication, promote excellence, and comply with institutional, regional, and federal research compliance.

Several key people recruited in the reorganization, including Mr. Erick Ayala (MSC Compliance Officer), Dr. Augusto Elias (MSC Research Integrity Officer), and Dr. Vanessa Sepulveda (IRB Director). Among the successful accomplishments during this first year of CRECED, we want to highlight the continued growth in the number of successful applications for external funding (research, service, and education), the standardization of processes across the different regulatory bodies, the improvement of purchase mechanisms including those with the Corporate Card, and the hiring of the first procurement agent dedicated to orders from research accounts to support the need for an efficient, compliant, and accountable system. We have outlined a series of very important goals for the upcoming months such as establishing a system for pre– and post-award management in accordance to the Vice-Presidency of Research (Kuali-Coeus), incorporating several research units into CRECED, transitioning research sub-awards and foundation awards to CRECED, partnering with the PR Consortia for Clinical Investigation, and promoting IRB reciprocity across all UPR IRBs.

We will continue to promote a research culture by partnering with other programs/units to enhance research education across all MSC schools and aligning our efforts to maximize efficiency in all administrative processes that affect and promote research productivity. Our success is the Medical Sciences Campus success!